10 facts about nuclear power plant safety in Canada in 2016 An infographic that showcases 10 facts about nuclear power plant safety in Canada in 2016 Radiation Protection Radioactive Waste Radioactive Substance Transportation Power Generation SCA nuclear accidents with environmental or health consequencesin over 45 years of operation in Canada 0 regulator: the CNSC regulates all safety aspectsof nuclear power plant operation 1 safety and control areas evaluatedand publicly reported annually 14 operating power reactor units in Canada,producing about 16% of the country’s electricity 19 inspectors located at all sites to monitor,inspect and ensure safe operation 37 samples collected in water, air, soil, andfood for CNSC’s Independent EnvironmentalMonitoring Program, in addition to regularmonitoring 73 CNSC staff involved in the oversight of nuclearpower plant safety + 200 inspections conducted byCanadian Nuclear SafetyCommission (CNSC) inspectors 4,589 safety tests performedto ensure systemintegrity, qualityand reliability 49,534 hours of operation at all Canadian nuclear power plants 137,184 Facts about Canada’s nuclear power plant safety in 2016 BY THE NUMBERS 10
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