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Part of Everyday Life

The CNSC regulates all nuclear activities in Canada, protecting people and the environment.

CNSC oversight starts with uranium mining and milling.

This is the first step in the nuclear lifecycle.

Uranium is then processed to make nuclear fuel for power and research reactors in Canada and around the world.

The CNSC ensures the safe operation of all nuclear reactors in Canada.

Radioactive substances are used to produce medical isotopes.

The CNSC licenses the safe use of nuclear substances in the health sector.

Hospitals also use radioactive substances to treat cancer and other diseases.

Doctors use medical isotopes to see what's happening in the body.

Research leads to new applications to the benefit of Canadians.

The CNSC regulates these activities and ensures they are done safely.

Food irradiation is used to kill harmful bacteria,
such as E. coli.

Nuclear is also used to detect flaws in manufactured goods.

Eventually, nuclear materials are no longer useful. Nuclear waste is stored in secure areas over which the CNSC keeps strict watch.

The CNSC regulates all nuclear activities in Canada — from mining uranium and using nuclear materials for research and other purposes to final disposal.

Nuclear is part of Canadian Life.
The CNSC will Never Compromise Safety.

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